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Climate-Proofing Your Investments

Left unchecked, climate change will have dire consequences on our lives and our children's lives.That is why over 180 nations have agreed to keep global temperatures from rising less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the main goal of the Paris Agreement. Achieving this will require drastic reductions in carbon emissions, and will affect every country and every business across the world.
Key points include:
  • In the inevitable transition to a low-carbon future, there will be many winners and losers
  • Some companies are already doing better than others. We call them Climate Pledgers: those who are already reducing their emissions in line with the Paris Accord goal, or Green Champions: those providing innovative solutions for a low-carbon world
  • Combining both Climate Pledgers and Green Champions allows investors to not only reduce their exposure to climate-related risks, but just as importantly, harness the tremendous growth potential in the fight against climate change.

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