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Pesticides - Efficiency Booster or Biodiversity Killer?

The overuse of pesticides poses harmful side effects on human health, and also contributes significantly to biodiversity loss. At the same time, global use of chemical pest management has almost doubled over the last 30 years. In our latest video, we discuss the trade-offs between agricultural efficiency and the negative impacts on human health and the environment. Learn more about how this global ecosystem issue affects the markets and how investors can leverage opportunities that arise from sustainable agriculture and food production.
Key highlights include:
  • Over 4 million tonnes of harmful pesticides are used every year but, despite this huge number, losses in food production still amount to around 45% of total production. Introducing better ways of pest management is inevitable.
  • The alternatives to the traditional widespread use of pesticides include employing nature-oriented farming techniques as well as modern solutions and analytics (e.g. precision farming)
  • Taking ESG risks and opportunities like pesticide-use into account in company analyses is essential to securing the portfolio returns of long-term investors.
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