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June 2021

Pesticides - Efficiency booster or biodiversity killer?

Around a million plants and species are currently threatened by extinction. The loss of biodiversity compromises the natural benefits provided by our ecosystem, such as pollination of fruit and crops by bees, or the provision of suitable drinking water through natural filtration or fresh air. The total value created by the ecosystem is estimated to be in the region of USD33 trillion, equivalent to the combined GDP of the US and China. Pesticide-intensive agriculture is a major contributor to the loss of biodiversity. But pesticides are also providing efficiency gains in food production by preventing losses to pests. Bank J.Safra Sarasin is already integrating these factors into its investment strategy to ensure it is well positioned to address future new challenges.
Key topics covered:
  • What are pesticides and how reliant are we on them?
  • What are the efficiency gains of pesticides?
  • What detrimental side effects to human health and biodiversity do they have?
  • What are potential alternatives?
  • How does Bank J. Safra Sarasin integrate this into its investment process?
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