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July 2022

Active Ownership

At J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management active ownership means using our investment influence through our channels of communication, either as direct or collaborative effort, with investee companies. Where possible, we utilize voting rights to safeguard and enhance performance for our clients’ investments. We engage with a selected number of companies in which we invest on a regular basis and we believe that the most productive outcomes related to engagements come from cultivating long-term relationships with corporate management teams. Active ownership is one of the key ESG investment tools which we at JSSAM use to further strengthen ESG integration in every step of the investment process. Active ownership enables a deeper understanding of key material and sectoral ESG issues relevant to investors, corporates, their management, performance and further development.
In 2021, JSSAM further increased its total participation at general meetings by 7 percent on a year-on-year basis with a total of 580 AGMs and EGMs. In total, we opposed management’s vote recommendations 22 percent of the time.
In this report, we present a detailed overview of our engagement activities for 2021, showcasing the alignment with our overall ESG approach.

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