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A pioneer and leader in Sustainable Investments

Profitable companies with positive environmental, social and governance credentials enjoy a natural advantage in the marketplace. We believe sustainable business practices are a source of opportunities for investors.

Sustainable Investment Philosophy

Sustainable Investment Philosophy

In our experience, lasting, sustainable returns can only be realised if the livelihood of future generations is preserved. This might require far-reaching environmental, social and regulatory changes to which sustainable investors can contribute through their actions.
Arising risks can only be addressed if they are recognised early enough and integrated into the investment process. Therefore, issuers of securities need to be analysed in a broader context. In addition to financial aspects, such an analysis should comprise ecological, social and governance aspects (ESG). As such, considering ESG issues is the fiduciary duty of long-term thinking asset managers and pension funds.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Besides financial considerations, we integrate ESG or sustainability aspects into every step of our investment process. Thereby we mitigate risks and harness opportunities that derive from global challenges to sustainability such as resource scarcity, population growth, the demographic transition, climate change and technological progress.
Our patented and proprietary Sustainability Matrix© enables us to perform a best-in-class and best-of-classes ESG security selection process, focusing on issuers that are among the leaders in their peer-group regarding sound governance, strategic management of environmental issues and proactive stakeholder relations (employees, customers, shareholders, government authorities as well as non-governmental organisations).
By integrating material ESG aspects into the financial analysis, the quality of insights and the level of confidence in the investment cases are increased.

Our Pioneering and Leading Role

The pioneer of sustainable investments almost 30 years ago, J. Safra Sarasin has gained ample experience in the field. The launch of the first fund based on environmental criteria in 1994 marked the start of a success story that triggered a boom in sustainably managed assets.
For years, Bank J. Safra Sarasin is Switzerland's undisputed market leader by assets in the field of sustainable investments. Moreover, J. Safra Sarasin is active in all relevant global networks to foster the sustainability agenda.
For us, sustainability is not a niche offering for clients, but an integral part of our brand and of how we conduct our business.