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10th February 2021

JSS Sustainable Asset Management Repositions Water Strategy as Green Planet


JSS Sustainable Asset Management is proud to announce the launch of the Green Planet strategy, which is a natural progression of its commitment towards building a sustainable future, while generating attractive returns. The Green Planet strategy is an evolution of the existing Water strategy and will invest in sustainable themes that support the green transition and biodiversity.
To this end, the JSS Sustainable Equity – Water fund was renamed the JSS Sustainable Equity – Green Planet fund. The Green Planet strategy builds upon its predecessor’s proven investment philosophy and approach, and will continue to put an emphasis on protecting the ecosystem and water resources. At the same time, it will also focus on investing in key themes such as resource efficiency (e.g. circular economy), new energies (e.g. solar and wind), and smart mobility (e.g. hydrogen, electric vehicles, smart cities).
The Green Planet strategy is managed by the same investment team, adhering to the same core investment principles of the successful Water strategy. In 2020, the JSS Sustainable Equity – Water fund produced outstanding returns and was one of the top performing funds in its Morningstar peer group. Yohann Terry continues to manage the JSS Sustainable Equity – Green Planet fund as Lead Portfolio Manager. Daniel Lurch, who joined J. Safra Sarasin last year, complements the investment team. The investment approach identifies and invests in structural green growth themes with the potential to generate long-term returns, while integrating sustainability into each step of the investment process. Additionally, the Fund continues to have a concentrated, high conviction portfolio that is benchmark-agnostic, and consists mainly of small and mid-cap companies.
The evolution of JSS Sustainable Equity – Green Planet underscores JSS Sustainable Asset Management’s commitment to building a more sustainable future, which includes protecting the environment and biodiversity. In 2020, Bank J. Safra Sarasin became the first Swiss institution to join the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. As a signatory, it recognises the need to protect biodiversity, pledging to include biodiversity topics in its ESG investing policies, as well as assessing its own impact by setting science-based targets. JSS Sustainable Asset Management also pledged to target a carbon-neutral outcome in its portfolios by 2035.