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Investment Spotlight
August 2022

Factor investing to navigate the economic cycle

The world began to change with the arrival of the Covid pandemic in March 2020. Just eight months later we had the first working vaccine. That kicked off an historic market recovery as demand for the travel, live entertainment and restaurant sectors all rebounded, changing the outlook for earnings across entire industries. Together with the shortages and price rises that followed, compounded by the war in Ukraine, a new investment landscape has emerged. Three decades of low rates and low growth have shifted to a new paradigm of high inflation and slowing growth.This environment may be with us for years.
In this edition, we turn our attention towards factors - proven tools for analysing financial performance and building robust portfolios. At a time of change in the investment environment, it is worth remembering that factors, including ESG (environmental, social and governance), still behave predictably. We look at how these metrics can explain market movements and inform allocation decisions with the potential to add performance.
global multifactor spotlight
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