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CIO Update

CIO Update: Follow the trends

15th January 2021   If I had to sum up the year 2020 in three words, they would be: unexpected, extreme, and exciting. At the beginning of the year, we were all taken completely by surprise by a global pandemic in the middle of a positive sentiment. As a result, we experienced extreme movements in financial markets within a short period of time and unprecedented economic lockdowns.
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Cross asset weekly pic

Our new macro and market forecasts including a new US-fiscal package

15th January 2021   December seems to be a long time ago considering what has happened since first we presented our forecasts for this year and next.



Global View 2021 Outlook

1st December 2020   The COVID pandemic and resulting restrictions are set to weigh on the global economy over the winter months. Yet the breakthrough to an effective vaccine, sets the stage for a broader global economic recovery in 2021, which will be supported by generous fiscal transfers and monetary accommodation.

Market Views

Market Views: Our Macro and Markets Forecast for 2021

10th December 2020   We are prepared for some nastic economic data in the winter months, but warmer weather and the rollout of the COVID vaccines will change the macro picture substantially starting from Q2 2021.

Hope prevails

8th January 2021   Despite the shocking pictures from Washington D.C. this week, we remain hopeful for the US economy. This view is only partly based on the solid economic data reported over recent days...Read More

Trust and the success of populism

18th December 2020   As you may remember from previous years, shortly before the holiday season, we try not to bother you with economic data and financial market views in our last Weekly of the year...Read More

Well calibrated but slightly underwhelming ECB package

11th December 2020   Parents know that the best way to ensure a positive surprise and a happy face on their kids’ birthdays is to pretend to having forgotten it in the days prior, or at least having lost their whish list. Central banking is not that different....Read More

Outlook 2021: Solid economic rebound to favour risk assets

4th December 2020   Unprecedented fiscal and monetary support, which has been deployed to fight the negative impact from the pandemic, will continue to drive the global economic expansion in 2021...Read More

Second COVID-wave weighing on Europe

27th November 2020   This week was a reminder that the COVID-pandemic is far from over despite the positive vaccine news that we received in the past few weeks...Read More

US small caps have more upside

20th November 2020   Small cap equities in the US have had a remarkable run since September – outperforming their large cap peers by 11%...Read More

Preparing for a healthier 2021

13th November 2020   The news of the week was without any doubt the announcement that an effective vaccine against COVID-19 may have been found...Read More

CIO Update: Uncertainty Would be Reduced

6th November 2020   In October, a number of key factors came to the fore, which created uncertainty and moved the financial markets...Read More

After the US elections and in a new COVID-wave

6th November 2020   It feels like that this has been the longest US election campaign ever. And it might just fit that it takes longer than usual to declare who the winner is...Read More

The Second Wave is Here

30th October 2020   The number of new Covid-19 infections has accelerated sharply in the past few weeks, both in Europe and the US...Read More

Monitoring the second European Covid-wave

23rd October 2020   The number of new Covid-19 cases has been reaching new record highs in many European countries almost every day in the past week...Read More

Market implications of the US election

16.10.2020   With less less than three weeks to go until the US presidential election, investors have started to price in a victory for Joe Biden...Read More

CIO Update: Recovery Continues

8th October 2020   In the coming weeks, the US presidential election will be the main focus of investors. The recent past has taught us that such elections are highly unpredictable to the very end....Read More

A constructive outlook despite an uneven recovery

09.10.2020   The rise in new Covid-19 infections in Europe and the lack of agreement on a new fiscal package in the US are likely to weigh on economic activity in the near term...Read More

Perspectives for economic growth and financial markets after the Covid-recession

02.10.2020   Our new long-term economic projections show that potential output growth will decline over the next decade, while inflation is likely to trend higher...Read More

CIO Update: A balanced portfolio

04.09.2020   Probably the most important finding of recent months is that we are beginning to learn how to deal with the corona pandemic and that a second economic lockdown will not be necessary despite the temporary increase in COVID-19 cases...Read More

Switzerland will face a strong currency for many years

25.09.2020   This week, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) confirmed its medium term inflation forecasts at only slightly above 0%...Read More

The desperate hunt for inflation

18.09.2020   Persistently low inflation rates when policy rates are close to the zero lower bound keep central bankers up at night...Read More

Global View Q4 2020

01.09.2020   The global economy is recovering from the collapse in production in the spring caused by the many restrictions on mobility imposed at the peak of the coronavirus epidemic...Read More

CIO Update: Surfing the wave carefully

09.07.2020   During the lockdown phase, our full attention was focused on daily statistics regarding new COVID-19 infections and their growth rates. These data were soon joined by daily mobility figures, which serve as an indicator of economic recovery...Read More

CIO Update: Turning a bit cautious

11.06.2020   As quickly and surprisingly as the global economy plunged into recession due to the corona lockdown and financial markets crashed, the recovery now seems to be taking place as quickly, too...Read More

Global View Q3 2020 Outlook

12.06.2020   The global manufacturing cycle appears to be bottoming out and we expect the recovery to strengthen into 2020. However, growth will probably remain moderate, so that central banks should maintain an easing bias and maintain accommodative liquidity conditions...

CIO Update: Let's wait and see

07.05.2020   The situation in financial markets remains tense. The strong correction in March was followed by a strong recovery in financial markets until the end of April...Read More

CIO Update: Glimmers of Hope

09.04.2020   The flattening of the coronavirus curve in Europe indicates that the containment measures of the past weeks are showing positive results......  Read More

CIO Update: Resilient financial markets

10.02.2020   Financial markets have been subjected to two endurance tests so far this year. After the markets quickly absorbed the shock from the escalation of tensions between the USA and Iran at the beginning of January, it also appears that the fast-spreading coronavirus has not become a stumbling block...  Read More

CIO Update: Cautious stance

06.03.2020   The exponential spread of coronavirus cases outside China has led to great uncertainty in financial markets in recent weeks.... Read More

Global View - Outlook 2020

02.12.2019   The global manufacturing cycle appears to be bottoming out and we expect the recovery to strengthen into 2020. However, growth will probably remain moderate, so that central banks should maintain an easing bias and maintain accommodative liquidity conditions... Read More

CIO Update: What is priced in?

10.01.2020   2019 was one of the best years ever recorded for investing in financial markets. Double-digit returns for multi-asset portfolios were not the exception but the rule. Read More

CIO Update: Trade war rollercoaster ride

06.12.2019   After recent months saw an easing of the US-China trade war with both sides dialing down the rhetoric, negotiations have now reached a critical stage... Read More

CIO Update: "In a good place"

08.11.2019   Jerome Powell, President of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), pointed out on numerous occasions in recent months that the US economy was «in a good place»... Read More

CIO Update: In gold we trust

04.10.2019   Despite mounting growth concerns, we do not believe a global recession is the most likely scenario...  Read More

Global View - Outlook Q4 2019

02.09.2019   The escalation in the trade war is likely to weigh on corporate investment. While the risk of a global recession has clearly risen, we still expect the expansion to persist in the foreseeable future. Read More

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The Climate Transition: High Noon for Investors

4th January 2021   "We only have 7 years left until global warming reaches 1.5°C." This is the sober, albeit abridged, conclusion of the scientific studies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Read more


Achieving the UN SDGs with Real Estate

30th November 2020  Real estate plays an important role in our transition to a greener and more sustainable future. For us, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a valuable framework to help achieve positive impact during the entire life cycle of properties. Read more

How Biodiversity's Loss Can Cost Investors

26th November 2020   Biodiversity has recently become the new buzzword in the world of sustainable finance. When most of us think of biodiversity, what comes to mind are usually pictures of threatened animals. However, few of us are able to truly grasp the meaning of biodiversity and its impacts on our lives. Read more

The UN SDGs: Impact or Opportunity?

23rd November 2020   Since the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were introduced and raised onto the global political agenda, it has served as a guiding framework for many sustainable investors. However, some of the most hotly debated issues about this topic revolve around whether investors can truly make a positive impact to achieving the SDGs. In this video, we discuss the differences between impact and sustainable investing, and how investing in public markets can contribute to the SDGs. Watch Video

Green Real Estate Funds:
Providing a Future-Fit Portfolio while Reducing Carbon Emissions

19th November 2020   This case study provides a roadmap derived from sustainable real estate funds with direct holdings. The author describes how to actively manage properties of an investment fund based on a strategy that has provided attractive financial returns over the years, while successfully reducing carbon emissions. Read more

Exploring the SDGs

17th November 2020   The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the global strategy plan for economic, social and environmental development. Achieving the SDGs will be a key driver of economic growth going forward, which ultimately is the only structural source of long-term financial returns. In this video, we explore what the SDGs are and how they can offer attractive opportunities for investors.   Watch Video

Systematic Integration of the UN SDGs into the Investment Processes

16th November 2020   As founding signatories of both the Principles for Responsible Investments and the Principles for Responsible Banking, we have made a commitment to include SDG considerations in our business decisions. The following article describes our approach in including SDG data and criteria into our sustainable investment process, as well as our ESG (environmental, social, governance) reporting and active ownership activities.   Read more

Engagement: COVID-19 Shifts the Focus

29th October 2020   With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, “social” considerations are back at the forefront of ESG. While corporates work to navigate near-term challenges, it is important to keep in mind that decisions affecting a company's human capital, customers, and the communities in which they operate can have lasting implications, both positive and negative.   Read more
Impact Investing

Key Principles of Impact Investing

16th October 2020   The sharp rise in demand for sustainable investments over the last decade can be explained by the fact that investors increasingly require their investments to meet social and environmental goals, in addition to generating financial returns. They not only want to know where their money is invested, but whether it also creates an impact.   Read more


Aligning Real Estate with the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C Scenario

5th October 2020   In President von der Leyen’s State of the Union address at the European Parliament Plenary, she outlined a vision for the real estate sector to emerge out of the current pandemic more resilient against an even greater looming crisis: climate change. Read more


Targeting the UN SDG: Impact or Opportunity?

30th September 2020   The year 2015 has gone down in history as the "Bretton Woods" of sustainability. In that year, the two frameworks of the Paris climate agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were raised onto the global political agenda. Read more


Do Airlines Have A Carbon Problem?

24th September 2020   The airline industry faces its worst downturn in recorded history and while the near-term focus is on survival, longer-term environmental headwinds remain a challenge. Read more


Imagining a post-COVID world

4th August 2020   In the past few months, much of the world’s focus has been on “flattening the curve” of COVID-19’ spread. While this is crucial, we should not forget the climate crisis, which poses a larger long-term threat..... Watch Video


Our Climate Pledge

4th August 2020   In the past few months, much of the world’s focus has been on “flattening the curve” of COVID-19’ spread. While this is crucial, we should not forget the climate crisis, which poses a larger long-term threat..... Watch Video


The coming green recovery

27th July 2020   In the past few months, much of the world’s focus has been on “flattening the curve” of COVID-19’ spread. While this is crucial, we should not forget the climate crisis, which poses a larger long-term threat..... Watch Video


Sustainability country rating for sovereign bonds

17th June 2020   In our latest video, In our latest video, Nico Frey, Sustainable Investment Analyst, tells us more about how considering ESG aspects can give a more comprehensive and holistic risk assessment of countries.... Watch Video


Active ownership - 2019

10th June 2020   In our latest video, we discuss what it means for us to be active owners.... Watch Video

Sust chemicals

New ESG country rating for sovereign bonds

12th April 2020   As a pioneer in sustainable investment, Bank J. Safra Sarasin already produced one of the very first sustainability ratings for countries back in 2002 and integrated them into its investment strategy. Since then, the rating has been continuously updated and developed further. This Spotlight explains in detail the rating, as well as the latest methodology update and the 2020 results.... Read More

A sustainable path out of the Corona Crisis

29th June 2020  The latest issue is devoted to the Corona Crisis. The publication gives you an overview of why sustainable companies were better able to cope with the crisis, what awaits us in the world after COVID-19 and what lessons we can learn for the future...
Read More

Heading to Paris: net zero emissions by 2050

6th April 2020  The latest issue is devoted to the challenge of Climate Change and the question how investors can identify the winners and losers and embed climate considerations into their equity, bond and real estate portfolios...
Read More

Lessons from the Corona crisis

30th March 2020   The Global Corona Crisis, which has swept the world in 2020, will be remembered as a turning point in history..
Read More

SDGs: The decade of action is dawning

3rd January 2020   This latest issue is devoted to the impact investors can have by aligning themselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...
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Targeting the SDGs: Impact and Performance in Listed Equities

3rd July 2019   All investments have an impact - not only on individual investors, but also on communities, the environment and the economy at large..
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J. Safra Sarasin celebrates 30 years of sustainable investing

2nd October 2019  In this special edition, we highlight J. Safra Sarasin’s 30-year anniversary and key achievements in sustainable investments. It is devoted to the Bank’s journey in becoming a pioneer and leader in sustainable investments.
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Active Ownership is making an impact

1st April 2019  When it comes to the concept of sustainable investments, many investors still only think of exclusions for the time being. However, the range of instruments has been greatly expanded over the years.
Read More

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Investment Spotlight: COVID-19, Climate Change and the Implications for Thematic Investing

18th November 2020   Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, some clear implications for thematic investing can already be observed. In many ways, the risks and challenges posed by the pandemic are similar to those presented by another global threat – climate change. Both crises will change our world permanently, and in this Spotlight we explore some of the long-term fundamental shifts happening in our world, as well as what this means for thematic investors.   Read more


Investment Update: All China Equities

October 2020
  • China is expected to be the only major economy to show positive growth in 2020, helped largely by the country's successful containment of COVID-19 and targeted fiscal stimulus.
  • We believe that China is transforming from an export-led model to an economy based on domestic demand and innovation.

All China Insight


Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors - Warehouse Automation: Reshaping Logistics

October 2020   Demand for warehouse automation equipment is expected to grow strongly over the coming years, driven by several megatrends such as e-commerce, urbanization and sustainability. Read more
warehouse automation


Thematic Insights Future Health - Improved Hygiene: Killing Germs, Saving Lives

October 2020   The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for hygiene and personal protection equipment (PPE) products in hospital, elderly care and private settings. Read more
improved hygiene

Investment Spotlight: The Value of Sustainable Investing For High Quality Bonds

September 2020   Today’s markets are often characterized by uncertainties and volatility, and it remains increasingly challenging to search for yield. In such times, it becomes even more crucial to find a stable and resilient source of returns that can weather storms in the financial markets.



Why Invest in Sustainable Sovereign and Corporate Bonds?

06.08.2020   Despite the recent strong recovery in financial markets, the global economy still faces significant challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to bring stability to investment portfolios, while maintaining return potential.   Watch Video

Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors - Cybersecurity: Safety in the Digital Age

July 2020   The first half of 2020 was deeply shaped by the coronavirus outbreak, which urged millions of people to stay at home in order to help curb the pandemic.

Tech Cover

Thematic Insights - Water Solutions: The Fight Against COVID-19

July 2020   Water companies have a critical role to play in the fight against the coronavirus. Whether it is through simple solutions such as filtration systems with UV lights to more complex water analysis systems equipped with a technology that is also capable of identifying the virus.   Read more

Cover Water

Thematic Insights Consumer Brands - Welcome to the Cashless Society

July 2020    As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, millions of people are urged to stay at home to contain the spread of the pandemic.   Read more

Consumer Cover

Thematic Insights Future Health - Telemedicine: The New Normal

July 2020    The adoption of telehealth has taken off since the COVID-19 outbreak as patients prefer to get remote medical advice and monitoring rather than visiting doctor offices.   Read more
Cover Telehealth


Sustainable Equity Global Thematic Investors Update

July 2020   
Key Highlights:
  • It’s still too early to assume a V-shaped recovery for all industries.
  • There will be a stark difference in the outcomes and fortunes for different companies and industries over the next ten years. This was accelerated by COVID-19.
  • This pandemic has put structural growth, sustainable, and thematic investing back in the driving seat for global equity returns.

Investors Update


Future Health

June 2020

Health First!



Sustainable Global Thematic Equities



European Senior Loans



All China Equities



Investment Spotlight: Investing in Human Health Has Never Been in Sharper Focus

22.04.2020   In this issue, we delve deeper into the Future of Health and how Covid-19 has sharpened the focus on the state of health around the world...Read More

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FNG Label 3 Stars

J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management Funds Awarded Highest Rating by FNG

26th November 2020   We are pleased to announce that all four funds, for which we have submitted, have been awarded the highest possible rating by FNG (Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen)



New Fund Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

3rd November 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin has launched a compelling public equities solution offering investors a way to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also generating long-term returns.   Read more


Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Responsible Equity – India fund, which seeks to capture attractive opportunities in the country’s fast-growing economy.

Launch of New Responsible India Fund

30th September 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Responsible Equity – India fund, which seeks to capture attractive opportunities in the country’s fast-growing economy.   Read more



Awarded Highest Score In UN PRI Assessment Report

2nd September 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin has been awarded A+, the highest score, by the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), for its overall Sustainability Strategy and Governance.   Read more



Ranked #1 Across Responsible Investment Themes in Switzerland

3rd June 2020   We are pleased to announce that Bank J. Safra Sarasin is ranked #1 in Switzerland and #17 worldwide by ShareAction in their 2020 ranking of the world’s largest asset managers across responsible investment themes.   Read more



Climate Pledge Launched

15th May 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin is a founding signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking and the Principles of Responsible Investing and is committed to contribute to achieving society’s goals as expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.   Read more



Launch of New Healthcare Fund

4th May 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Sustainable Equity – Future Health fund, which seeks to capture opportunities from the dynamic shifts in the health landscape.   Read more