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Central Banks Again in the Spotlight

23rd September 2022    The Fed is set to push rates deeply into restrictive territory in order to bring down inflation to more reasonable levels. It still believes, though, that doing so will only have a limited impact on the unemployment rate.



Global View 3rd Quarter 2022

21st September 2022   In this issue of the Global View, we present our long-term outlook for the global economy and our return expectations for various financial assets.



Hope Is Not A Strategy

8th September 2022   With the end of the summer, the recovery rally in financial markets also seems to have come to an end.



CIO Insights Video July 2022

14th July 2022   Our CIO, Philipp Bärtschi shares his insights on why investors may still need strong nerves and a lot of patience to wait for good opportunities in the second half of 2022.



Global View 3rd Quarter 2022

29th June 2022   Read more insights for all asset classes in our latest publication.



Market Views Video: Outlook H2 2022

24th June 2022   Watch the latest video with our Chief Economist, Karsten Junius, PhD, to learn more about our latest economic views.



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Embracing SFDR with Sustainable Investments

29th September 2022   The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) aims to increase transparency through improved disclosures, classifying the sustainability ambitions of investment funds, and defining sustainable investments. Read more
sustainable investments Q1 2021

Standardisation of Sustainable Investments

15th September 2022   EU regulation is taking shape - with some questions to be resolved. Read more



Swiss Climate Scores for Transparency in Financial Investments

23rd of August   The aim of the scores is to provide institutional and private investors in Switzerland transparent information on how financial investments are compatible with international climate goals.

Sustainability Easily Explained

July 2022   Watch our full video series. Watch videos

Active Ownership Report 2021

15th July 2022   In this report, we present a detailed overview of our engagement activities for 2021, showcasing the alignment with our overall ESG approach. Read more

Interview with the Sustainable Finance Manager at BLKB

14th June 2022   What is the experience and perspective of Swiss investors with European framework, SFDR? Watch the video to learn more.


Interview with Miss Sabine Döbeli, CEO of Swiss Sustinable Finance

14th June 2022   How are Swiss financial institutions affected by this EU regulation? Watch the video to learn more. Watch video

Strong Performance on Climate Alignment Test

23rd November 2021   Our portfolios are performing strongly on climate metrics in key asset classes.That’s according to the 2020 Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) alignment test. Read more
Climate Action

Climate Action at Bank J. Safra Sarasin

10th November 2021   As the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26) in Glasgow draws to a close, the moment for concerted climate action at every level of society has arrived. Read more
Climate Action

What Does Our Bank Do for Climate Action?

11th October 2021   We actively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement but our efforts to tackle climate change go much further. Read more



The Holy Trinity Supporting ESG Investing

2nd September 2021  The EU has laid out ambitious plans aimed at channelling investments towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. The measures introduced under the EU Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth is likely one of the fastest-adopted and most efficient reforms the European bloc has seen. Read more



Corporate Behaviour in a Pandemic

7th July 2021   As governments introduced restrictions to economic activity to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections in 2020, they simultaneously provided support to company balance sheets. Read more



Pesticides - Efficiency Booster or Biodiversity Killer?

3rd June 2021   Around a million plants and species are currently threatened by extinction. The loss of biodiversity compromises the natural benefits provided by our ecosystem, such as pollination of fruit and crops by bees. Read more



Aligning Real Estate with the Paris Agreement

19th May 2021   The financial risks of climate change are growing everyday along with the constantly rising level of CO2 emissions. The real estate sector is one of the key contributors to climate change, therefore, it is also a primary target for climate change mitigation and regulations aiming to reduce emissions. Watch video



Equity Investing and Natural Capital

12th May 2021   A large share of the world economy relies on natural capital. Since 1970, our ecological footprint has exceeded the Earth’s rate of regeneration. We look at the related risks and opportunities for equity investors. Read more



Engaging for Biodiversity: Cocoa and Cobalt

4th May 2021   Our new topical engagement themes focus on addressing several environmental and social issues associated with the extraction and processing of cobalt and cocoa. Read more



Joining the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

21st April 2021   J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management is proud to announce that we have joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, in support of our existing Climate Pledge aiming for a carbon-neutral outcome in assets under management (AuM) by 2035.   Read more



Biodiversity as a Vital Component in ESG Analysis

13th April 2021   The pioneering Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity clearly highlights the immeasurable value of nature and the enormous economic consequences of its destruction. Likewise, this has an impact on investment outcomes, and as such, J. Safra Sarasin integrates various biodiversity factors into its overall investment process. Read more



Sustainable Funds Comply with SFDR Disclosures

12th April 2021   We are therefore pleased to announce that all of J. Safra Sarasin's EU sustainable funds will be classified under Article 8. In addition, four of our funds will be classified under Article 9. Read more

Biodiversity and its Materiality for Investors

29th March 2021   "Biodiversity loss is among the top global risks to society according to the World Economic Forum. In what scientists call the Anthropocene – the age of mankind – the planet is facing its sixth mass extinction, this time caused by humans. Read more

How to Tap Green Revenues As Opportunities

3rd February 2021   Political pressure and the demand for solutions to the enormous ecological problems are steadily growing. We see “green revenues” as opportunities to invest in and incorporate them systemically into our investment process.   Read more

Assessing Corporate Alignment With the Paris Accord

28th January 2021   Ever since the previous Bank of England governor Mark Carney's speech in 2015, which introduced the notion of climate-related risks, investors have scrambled to integrate this issue into their investment decisions. Read more

Three Avenues of Reflecting Climate Change in Portfolios

20th January 2021   Given the long-term economic impact, climate change is becoming recognized as a significant risk in investment portfolios. We provide a framework on how to integrate climate change into investment decisions. Read more

The Climate Transition: High Noon for Investors

4th January 2021   "We only have 7 years left until global warming reaches 1.5°C." This is the sober, albeit abridged, conclusion of the scientific studies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Read more

Achieving the UN SDGs with Real Estate

30th November 2020  Real estate plays an important role in our transition to a greener and more sustainable future. For us, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a valuable framework to help achieve positive impact during the entire life cycle of properties. Read more

How Biodiversity's Loss Can Cost Investors

26th November 2020   Biodiversity has recently become the new buzzword in the world of sustainable finance. When most of us think of biodiversity, what comes to mind are usually pictures of threatened animals. However, few of us are able to truly grasp the meaning of biodiversity and its impacts on our lives. Read more

Green Real Estate Funds:
Providing a Future-Fit Portfolio while Reducing Carbon Emissions

19th November 2020   This case study provides a roadmap derived from sustainable real estate funds with direct holdings. The author describes how to actively manage properties of an investment fund based on a strategy that has provided attractive financial returns over the years, while successfully reducing carbon emissions. Read more

Systematic Integration of the UN SDGs into the Investment Processes

16th November 2020   As founding signatories of both the Principles for Responsible Investments and the Principles for Responsible Banking, we have made a commitment to include SDG considerations in our business decisions. The following article describes our approach in including SDG data and criteria into our sustainable investment process, as well as our ESG (environmental, social, governance) reporting and active ownership activities.   Read more

Engagement: COVID-19 Shifts the Focus

29th October 2020   With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, “social” considerations are back at the forefront of ESG. While corporates work to navigate near-term challenges, it is important to keep in mind that decisions affecting a company's human capital, customers, and the communities in which they operate can have lasting implications, both positive and negative.   Read more
Impact Investing

Key Principles of Impact Investing

16th October 2020   The sharp rise in demand for sustainable investments over the last decade can be explained by the fact that investors increasingly require their investments to meet social and environmental goals, in addition to generating financial returns. They not only want to know where their money is invested, but whether it also creates an impact.   Read more


Aligning Real Estate with the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C Scenario

5th October 2020   In President von der Leyen’s State of the Union address at the European Parliament Plenary, she outlined a vision for the real estate sector to emerge out of the current pandemic more resilient against an even greater looming crisis: climate change. Read more


Targeting the UN SDG: Impact or Opportunity?

30th September 2020   The year 2015 has gone down in history as the "Bretton Woods" of sustainability. In that year, the two frameworks of the Paris climate agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were raised onto the global political agenda. Read more


Do Airlines Have A Carbon Problem?

24th September 2020   The airline industry faces its worst downturn in recorded history and while the near-term focus is on survival, longer-term environmental headwinds remain a challenge. Read more

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Factor investing to navigate the economic cycle

31st August 2022   Our experts Mathilde Franscini and George Cotton explain the ins and outs of factor investing to navigate the economic cycle and cease investment opportunities.
global multifactor spotlight

Investment Update: All China Equities

2nd August 2022   Chinese equities have clearly outperformed global, US and emerging market equities year to date until the the end of Q2.

Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors: Inflation Problem? The Fix is Workplace Automation

27th July 2022   In a time of rising inflation, workflow automation software can become a powerful deflationary force. Should #investors consider this a market opportunity?
automation landscape

Thematic Insights Green Planet Smart Irrigation: More Crop Per Drop

18th July 2022   Innovative technologies within the agriculture space such as smart irrigation are revolutionising the efficiency of water use. Should investors consider this a significant market opportunity?
irrigation 1

Thematic Insights Future Health: Transforming Organ Transplantation

11th July 2022   A revolutionary technology could solve obstacles related to organ transplantation. This innovation can extend the viability of organs by 2x, significantly increasing the success rate. Should investors see this as a market opportunity?
Read More

organ transplantation review

FAB Five 3rd Quarter 2022 Investment Ideas

4th July 2022   Central banks all over the world are tightening their monetary policy to get a handle on inflation, global growth is declining and in some countries a recession is likely. What’s new on the horizon? Learn more about our top 5 investment ideas selected for the upcoming quarter.

Focus on Commodities

22nd June 2022    Commodities form an important asset class in investor portfolios. Can Sustainable Investors consider them as well? Read more in our latest whitepaper and watch the video.

Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors - Data Privacy: An Unstoppable Revolution

29th April 2022   An estimated 70% of Apple users opted out of app tracking technology. Data privacy is a hot topic, causing difficulties for those in the advertising industry The winners from this changing landscape are technology and solution providers enabling the collection and analysis of “first-party data”.
data privacy

Thematic Insights Future Health: Innovation for Better Vision

13th April 2022   50% of the world population will suffer from myopia by 2050. The risk of myopia has skyrocketed in our tech-savvy society. Innovation in eye care has enabled the release of novel lenses for children that can significantly slow down the progression of the condition.

Thematic Insights Green Planet- Copper: The Recycling Champion  

13th April 2022   The current Ukrainian crisis has once again raised awareness of the need for fossil fuel independence. Copper is a key material for the energy transition and its demand is expected to double by 2050. What are the opportunities for copper recycling.
copper recycling

Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors - Metaverse: A Digital Reality

27th January 2022   The Metaverse – a virtual world connecting people, places and things through online immersive platforms. This new digital reality requires high performance computing and numerous key players, those in the semiconductor industry are critical to this immersive frontier. Should the Metaverse be on the radar of investors?


Thematic Insights Future Health - Hacking the Code of Life

21st January 2022   Development in Next Generation Sequencing has facilitated human genome reading at a fraction of the cost from 20 years ago.with uses for research, population genetics and disease diagnosis. Should investors consider it as a major market opportunity?

Thematic Insights Future Health Q4 21

Thematic Insights Green Planet — Towards Net Zero

17th January 2022   Rapid advances in Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technologies are helping carbon-heavy industries reach their net zero targets.Should investors consider it as a significant market opportunity?

green planet

Contributing to a Greener Planet

30th November 2021   Our experts Daniel Lurch and Joëlle Amram explain how efforts to preserve biodiversity translate into attractive long-term investment opportunities. Read more

Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors — Quantum Computing: Beyond 0s or 1s

26th October 2021   Quantum computing harnesses the laws of physics to enable far more sophisticated calculations, too complex for classical computers. Should this rapidly-emerging technology be on the radar of investors? Read more

Quantum computing

Semiconductors: Investing in Technology's Future

26th August 2021   Semiconductors have been in the spotlight, with news of shortages making global headlines. How can one approach investing in this vast industry? We explore two specific segments – analogue chips and semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Read more


The Intertwined Worlds of Cryptocurrencies and Semiconductors

4th August 2021   The global chip production industry is currently facing an unprecedented shortage, likely the biggest one in its history. Limited semiconductor production impacts not only the consumer electronics sector but also the already volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Watch video


Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors — Blockchain: Going Beyond Cryptocurrencies

23rd July 2021   Cryptocurrencies' underlying technology, blockchain, consumes vast amounts of energy because of the high computing power it requires. This has raised environmental concerns and questioned its sustainability as an investment. Learn more in this quarter’s Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors. Read more


Thematic Insights Future Health — Alzheimer's Disease: A New Era of Treatment

19th July 2021   Alzheimer’s is estimated to be the most costly disease in the US, surpassing cancer and heart disease. A treatment for the underlying cause of this condition would represent a major breakthrough for the society. Learn more about developments in this area in the latest Thematic Insights Future Health. Read more


Investing to Protect Biodiversity

7th July 2021   For most of us living in cities or urban areas, wildlife can seem like an afterthought. However, the reality is we are all highly dependent on nature and its essential services like clean water and pollination. Read more


More than Meets the Eye

7th June 2021   These days, technology can sometimes seem like magic. Activities like ordering a taxi can occur in the blink of an eye. But scratch below the surface and we see that for this seemingly simple transaction to occur, countless technologies are at work. Watch video



Identifying Sustainable Rising Stars in Total Return Investing

2nd June 2021   As ESG data becomes more granular, integrating sustainability with fixed income investing has become even more viable. This has given us confidence to integrate sustainability with our Total Return strategy – a flexible, global, and non-benchmarked approach to fixed income investing. Read more


Sustainable Thematic Opportunities in a Post-COVID World

31st May 2021  Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that a strong, vaccine-driven recovery is now unfolding around the world. It is also evident that the pandemic has permanently altered many facets of our society, ranging from health and lifestyle, to the economy. Read more


Navigating Chinese Equities in 2021

17th May 2021   For Chinese equity markets, 2021 began with an acceleration of the strong performance of late 2020, followed by a pullback after the Chinese Lunar New Year in mid-February. Following the recent correction, valuations for many companies are now attractive again and opportunities are getting ripe for stock pickers and active portfolio management. Read more


Thematic Insights Future Health — Liquid Biopsy: A Game-Changer to Detect and Monitor Cancer

April 2021   One of the main priorities in cancer research is to detect cancer cells at an early stage, before they start to spread. A novel and revolutionary approach, known as liquid biopsy, which requires only a blood sample, is leading the way. Read more



Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors — Semiconductor Manufacturing: The Battle over Tech Supremacy

April 2021   The semiconductor equipment sector, which produces highly complex machines needed to manufacture chips, has found itself in the centre of a brewing political storm between the US and China.



Climate Opportunities - Fighting Climate Change One Cow at a Time

March 2021  If cows were a country, they would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. What types of innovative solutions can tackle this challenge? Watch the video to learn more.  Watch video



Semiconductors: Driving the Future of Cars

March 2021   Over the last few months, a global shortage of semiconductor chips has forced several carmakers, including Volkswagen and Ford, to halt production, hurting their efforts to recover from depressed demand on the back of COVID-19 lockdowns. The crisis has shone a spotlight on the auto industry’s growing reliance on chips, and the implications for both industries.


Investment Spotlight: Future-proofing Investments Against Climate Change

March 2021   Today, we see growing impetus from more countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In this inevitable transition to a low-carbon future, there will be many winners and losers. It is crucial for investors to ensure that their portfolios are resilient and “future-proof” against climate change. Read more



Sustainable Equity Global Thematic Investors Update

February 2021    There are three major issues facing equity investors today: Does the US political environment change anything? Is there any value in growth? Where will we see permanent change and are there any emerging themes worth looking at? Read more and learn about our 2021 outlook.

Investors Update


Developments in Sustainable Investing

9th February 2021   2020 was a landmark year for J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management, as we further strengthened our commitments to sustainable investing. Watch video



Analog Semiconductors: Key Enabler of the EV Revolution

29th January 2021   The world is at the beginning of an electric vehicle revolution, with volumes expected to rise significantly over the coming years. This transformation will likely be followed by one in the autonomous driving space. Read more



Climate-Proofing Your Investments

25th January 2021   In the inevitable transition to a low-carbon future, there will be many winners and losers. Some companies are already doing better than others. We group them into Climate Pledgers and Green Champions. Learn more in the latest video.



Thematic Insights Future Health — Transition to Home: The New Hub of Healthcare

21st January 2021   Home-based health players provide a multitude of healthcare services to chronically ill patients directly at home. COVID-19 revealed several shortcomings in the healthcare system, particularly hospitals and skilled nursing facilities as the central hubs of care delivery.   Read more


Investment Spotlight: COVID-19, Climate Change and the Implications for Thematic Investing

18th November 2020   Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, some clear implications for thematic investing can already be observed. In many ways, the risks and challenges posed by the pandemic are similar to those presented by another global threat – climate change. Both crises will change our world permanently, and in this Spotlight we explore some of the long-term fundamental shifts happening in our world, as well as what this means for thematic investors.   Read more


Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors — Warehouse Automation: Reshaping Logistics

October 2020   Demand for warehouse automation equipment is expected to grow strongly over the coming years, driven by several megatrends such as e-commerce, urbanization and sustainability. Read more
warehouse automation


Thematic Insights Future Health — Improved Hygiene: Killing Germs, Saving Lives

October 2020   The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for hygiene and personal protection equipment (PPE) products in hospital, elderly care and private settings. Read more
improved hygiene

Investment Spotlight: The Value of Sustainable Investing For High Quality Bonds

September 2020   Today’s markets are often characterized by uncertainties and volatility, and it remains increasingly challenging to search for yield. In such times, it becomes even more crucial to find a stable and resilient source of returns that can weather storms in the financial markets.





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Strengthening the Institutional and Wholesale Distribution Business in the UK

13th June 2022   Appointment of David Miles to lead its institutional and wholesale distribution business in the UK and the appointment of John Fiddes, as Sales Director, UK Wholesale. Read more

New Branch in Madrid with Institutional and Wholesale Distribution Business

8th February 2022   Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Luxembourg) SA announces the opening of a new Branch in Madrid with Belén Ríos leading its institutional and wholesale business in Spain. Read more

Repositioning of Water to Green Planet

10th February 2021   JSS Sustainable Asset Management is proud to announce the launch of the Green Planet strategy, which is a natural progression of its commitment towards building a sustainable future, while generating attractive returns. Read more



New Climate Strategy Launched

27th January 2021   JSS Sustainable Asset Management launches a new climate investment strategy that taps into the vast opportunities arising from the global transition to a low-carbon future.
Read more


FNG Label 3 Stars

J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management Funds Awarded Highest Rating by FNG

26th November 2020   We are pleased to announce that all four funds, for which we have submitted, have been awarded the highest possible rating by FNG (Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen)



New Fund Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

3rd November 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin has launched a compelling public equities solution offering investors a way to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also generating long-term returns.   Read more


Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Responsible Equity – India fund, which seeks to capture attractive opportunities in the country’s fast-growing economy.

Launch of New Responsible India Fund

30th September 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Responsible Equity – India fund, which seeks to capture attractive opportunities in the country’s fast-growing economy.   Read more



Awarded Highest Score In UN PRI Assessment Report

2nd September 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin has been awarded A+, the highest score, by the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), for its overall Sustainability Strategy and Governance.   Read more



Ranked #1 Across Responsible Investment Themes in Switzerland

3rd June 2020   We are pleased to announce that Bank J. Safra Sarasin is ranked #1 in Switzerland and #17 worldwide by ShareAction in their 2020 ranking of the world’s largest asset managers across responsible investment themes.   Read more



Climate Pledge Launched

15th May 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin is a founding signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking and the Principles of Responsible Investing and is committed to contribute to achieving society’s goals as expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.   Read more



Launch of New Healthcare Fund

4th May 2020   Bank J. Safra Sarasin recently launched the JSS Sustainable Equity – Future Health fund, which seeks to capture opportunities from the dynamic shifts in the health landscape.   Read more