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The rally still has legs

22.02.2019   The slump in US retail sales in December did nothing to allay fears about the health of the global economy, and these concerns are unlikely to go away given that ... Read More

CIO Update

CIO Update: Hunt for yield is back

07.02.2019   Financial markets recorded a very positive start to the new year across all asset classes. But in contrast to last year, this was not triggered by strong economic data. Read More

Hunting for yield in euro area government bonds

15.02.2019   Now that interest rate hikes have been put on the back burner in developed markets, fixed income investors are again casting their nets wider in the hunt for yield.... Read More

Europe down but 'patient' Fed to support risk assets

08.02.2019   European financial markets were rattled on Thursday after the EU slashed its forecast for euro area GDP growth in 2019, but at 1.3% we believe that its projections are still optimistic... Read More

What to make of the Fed’s latest U-turn

01.02.2019   Financial markets have rallied following the Fed’s surprisingly dovish statement on Wednesday. Read More

Mastering the mystery of M1

25.01.2019   Central banks’ policies matter for financial markets, whether they depress German Bund yields or drive swings in equity prices. Read More

CIO Update: Tricky year ahead in 2019

10.01.2019   2018 fell well short our expectations for the investment year. In an unusual turn of events, just about every asset class delivered negative returns and, as a result, investors searched in vain for safe havens. Read More

CIO Update: Investing in uncertain times

07.12.2018   Recent weeks have been marked by sharp fluctuations in financial markets. At first, global stock markets appeared to recover from their October lows, only for prices to be dragged down by uncertainties around the future economic development, the Fed’s monetary policy path and rising trade risks. Read More

Global View Outlook 2019

26.11.2018   Recent weeks have been marked by sharp fluctuations in financial markets. At first, global stock markets appeared to recover from their October lows, only for prices to be dragged down by uncertainties around the future...

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Sustainble RE

Sustainability - a key factor for real estate

07.01.2019  Electromobility is on everyone's minds: as an investment theme, as a fun factor, but above all as a solution to climate change. However, it is less well known that the real estate sector is also an important jigsaw piece in the fight against global warming. Read More

Sust chemicals

Hazardous chemicals - or the new carbon

12.12.2018   Chemicals are increasingly present in everyday consumer products: from plastics and clothes to flame retardants in mattresses and couches. Read More

Active ownership - reaching record levels in 2018

02.10.2018   Assets under management for investment strategies that integrate engagement and proxy voting are growing continuously.
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Global challenges and investment themes

26.09.2018   The summer of 2018 has brought an unprecedented heatwave to the Northern hemisphere. Forest fires have raged from Sweden down to Greece, claiming the lives of many victims. Read More

Living among robots

29.08.2018   Technological progress and economic growth have triggered an unprecedented expansion phase of robotics adoption and applications across sectors. Read More

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