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corona virus impact

Chief Economist Update: Implications of the Coronavirus

25.02.2020   What is the impact of the Coronavirus on the global economy, and in particular, China? Find out more in the video from our Chief Economist Karsten Junius...Read More


Cross asset weekly pic

Bond yields are grinding lower

21.02.2020   Uncertainty about the extent and the duration of the current disruption caused by the Coronavirus outbreak continues to drive global fixed income markets... Read More


CIO Update

CIO Update: Resilient financial markets

10.02.2020   Financial markets have been subjected to two endurance tests so far this year. After the markets quickly absorbed the shock from the escalation of tensions between the USA and Iran at the beginning of January, it also appears that the fast-spreading coronavirus has not become a stumbling block...  Read More



Global View Outlook 2020

02.12..2019   The global manufacturing cycle appears to be bottoming out and we expect the rec
overy to strengthen into 2020. However, growth will probably remain moderate, so that central banks should maintain an easing bias and maintain accommodative liquidity conditions...Read More

Taking a break from the Coronavirus this week

14.02.2020   It seems that markets are taking a break from worrying about the Coronavirus and are waiting for a clearer picture of whether the speed at which the virus is spreading will decline or not....  Read More

Risk markets have ticked off the Coronavirus for now

07.02.2020   The Coronavirus continues to spread and could easily knock off up to 1% of Chinese GDP in 2020, with the pain concentrated at the start of the year...  Read More

Coronavirus unleashes flight to safety

31.01.2020   The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has led to a flight for safety this week, with bond yields dropping markedly and risk assets selling off...  Read More

Coronavirus emerges as a new threat to global markets

24.01.2020   Equities in China and Hong Kong have fallen sharply in recent days as the outbreak of the Coronavirus escalated...  Read More

‘Phase one’ done

17.01.2020   The ‘phase one’ deal signed in Washington earlier this week sealed a truce in the US-China trade war that has been ongoing for almost two years...  Read More

CIO Update: What is priced in?

10.01.2020   2019 was one of the best years ever recorded for investing in financial markets. Double-digit returns for multi-asset portfolios were not the exception but the rule. Read More

Looking through near-term risks

10.01.2020   Financial markets powered ahead this week as investors shrugged off concerns about a conflict between Iran and the US and instead concentrated on hopes for an upturn in the global business cycle...  Read More

Our favourites for the festive season

20.12.2019   It is again the time of the year when you might be more concerned whether your last minute online purchases will arrive before Christmas than you care about the latest retail sales data.....  Read More

Is this a new "love fest" among central bankers?

13.12.2019   Is this a new “love fest”? Or just a pre-Christmas consensus among western central bankers? In any case, it is remarkable how much views have converged among them....  Read More

CIO Update: Trade war rollercoaster ride

06.12.2019   After recent months saw an easing of the US-China trade war with both sides dialing down the rhetoric, negotiations have now reached a critical stage... Read More

Forecasts for 2020 and 2021

06.12.2019   Next week the US-Fed, the ECB and the SNB meet and publish their new macro forecasts. So do we in this Weekly. Our forecasts include the view that no policy rate changes can be expected by any of the central banks next week and neither in 2020 or 2021...  Read More

Central banks are growing their balance sheets again

29.11.2019   Supported by expansionary policies around the globe, liquidity measures such as global real M1 have expanded at a healthy pace...  Read More

Too much pessimism

22.11.2019   Markets do not see rates moving higher any time soon and talk of ‘Japanification’ of advanced economies is getting more frequent...  Read More

Unhappy in its own way

08.11.2019   One thing for sure – bond yields are rising faster than we can adjust our forecasts. And if you thought that things are changing more slowly in Switzerland than in other places of the world, we recommend looking at the 10 year Swiss government bond yield...  Read More

Faster than you think

08.11.2019   One thing for sure – bond yields are rising faster than we can adjust our forecasts. And if you thought that things are changing more slowly in Switzerland than in other places of the world, we recommend looking at the 10 year Swiss government bond yield...  Read More

CIO Update: "In a good place"

08.11.2019   Jerome Powell, President of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), pointed out on numerous occasions in recent months that the US economy was «in a good place»... Read More

Light at the end of the tunnel

01.11.2019   Fed Chair Powell struck a more balanced tone after lowering rates for a third consecutive meeting this week, suggesting that policymakers will now pause the mid-cycle adjustment...  Read More

CIO Update: In gold we trust

04.10.2019   Despite mounting growth concerns, we do not believe a global recession is the most likely scenario...  Read More

CIO Update: Cautious positioning

05.09.2019   The escalation in the trade war is likely to weigh on corporate investment. While the risk of a global recession has clearly risen, we still expect the expansion to persist in the foreseeable future...  Read More

Global View - Outlook Q4 2019

02.09.2019   The escalation in the trade war is likely to weigh on corporate investment. While the risk of a global recession has clearly risen, we still expect the expansion to persist in the foreseeable future. Read More

CIO Update: Central banks to the rescue

05.07.2019   Announcements by key central banks indicating that they will support the economy with interest rates cuts, if needed, have made an impression on financial markets.  Read More

Global View - Outlook Q3 2019

03.06.2019   Fears of a global recession have receded as the global economy is slowly turning around... Read More

Global View - Outlook Q2 2019

03.03.2019   Global growth is set to slow further in the near term. But we expect the world economy to rebound somewhat in the second half of the year, in part reflecting looser macroeconomic policy in China.... Read More

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SDG: The Decade of Action is Dawning!

03.01.2020  This latest issue is devoted to the impact investors can have by aligning themselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read More

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Targeting the SDGs: Impact and Performance in Listed Equities

03.07.2019   All investments have an impact - not only on individual investors, but also on communities, the environment and the economy at large... Read More

J. Safra Sarasin celebrates 30 years of sustainable investing

02.10.2019  In this special edition, we highlight J. Safra Sarasin’s 30-year anniversary and key achievements in sustainable investments. It is devoted to the Bank’s journey in becoming a pioneer and leader in sustainable investments.
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Active Ownership is making an impact

01.04.2019  When it comes to the concept of sustainable investments, many investors still only think of exclusions for the time being. However, the range of instruments has been greatly expanded over the years.
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Hazardous chemicals - or the new carbon

12.12.2018   Chemicals are increasingly present in everyday consumer products: from plastics and clothes to flame retardants in mattresses and couches.
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Sustainability - a key factor for real estate

07.01.2019  Electromobility is on everyone's minds: as an investment theme, as a fun factor, but above all as a solution to climate change. However, it is less well known that the real estate sector is also an important jigsaw piece in the fight against global warming.
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Active ownership - reaching record levels in 2018

02.10.2018   Assets under management for investment strategies that integrate engagement and proxy voting are growing continuously.
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Global challenges and investment themes

26.09.2018   The summer of 2018 has brought an unprecedented heatwave to the Northern hemisphere. Forest fires have raged from Sweden down to Greece, claiming the lives of many victims. Read More

Living among robots

29.08.2018   Technological progress and economic growth have triggered an unprecedented expansion phase of robotics adoption and applications across sectors. Read More

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04.12.2019   While the spotlight on sustainable investing has mostly been focused on the equity space, we believe the momentum for fixed income is now catching up. Our latest Institutional Spotlight explores:
1. Why integrating a sustainability approach into the high yield bond universe makes sense
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Institutional Spotlight: Sustainable Thematic Returns in a Growth-challenged World

30.08.2019   In today's low growth environment, investors can find attractive returns through the powerful combination of sustainable and thematic investing. Sustainable investing helps to capture valuable insights that would have otherwise been overlooked by traditional investing frameworks. Meanwhile a thematic approach helps to harness long-term structural growth opportunities. This powerful combination leads to finding high quality growth companies...Read More

Institutional Spotlight: Big value in small caps

11.06.2019 In this issue, we delve deeper into our analysis on small cap companies and how they can offer investors higher average returns over the long-term. Our analysis shows that small caps outperform during phases of economic recovery and expansion, but they tend to lag during downturns and recessions...Read More

Institutional Spotlight: Why invest in Total Return strategies?

03.2019    We explore the attraction of unconstrained fixed income strategies and how this investment style can be relevant for many institutional clients. In contrast to equities, active fixed income managers tend to outperform their passive peers, in part due to several drawbacks that come with trying to replicate a fixed income benchmark...Read More

Institutional Spotlight: An adaptive allocation to overcome challenges for the pension system

We discuss several challenges faced by many pension systems today, including changing demographics, depressed long-term expected returns and the prospect of a cyclical downturn…
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Institutional Spotlight: Commodities in a portfolio context

Although the performance of commodities has been disappointing in recent years, we see fundamental reasons why it should not be overlooked…
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01.2018   Portfolio manager Tomasz Godziek discusses his views on technology disruption…
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