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4th Quarter 2022: Investment Ideas

High inflation, high volatility and rising rates. For investors this means the simple model of long-only investing in stocks and bonds is being challenged. Are there investment strategies that thrive in such an environment? Should investors just stick to common sense while making financial decisions? Watch the video to learn more about our selection of investment ideas for the upcoming quarter.
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Performance of Q3 2022 FAB Five Funds 
JSS Sustainable Equity – Green Planet (P EUR dist)
JSS Sustainable Equity – Global Dividend (P EUR acc)
JSS Commodity – Diversified (P CHF dist)
JSS Sust. Bond – Global Short-term (P USD acc)
JSS Sustainable Multi Asset – Global Opportunities (P EUR dist)
Q3 2022 net performance shown, as of 30.09.2022
Past performance is no indicator of current or future returns. Performance shown is net of fees. Performance shown for the period for which the funds were selected as the FAB Five. Source: Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd