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Warehouse Automation: Reshaping Logistics

Demand for warehouse automation equipment is expected to grow strongly over the coming years, driven by several megatrends such as e-commerce, urbanization and sustainability. E-commerce requires fast material handling solutions due to small order sizes and demands for swift delivery. Densely populated cities need to be served by smaller and more automated warehouses. In addition, automated and battery-driven equipment provides significant health & safety and environmental benefits when operating warehouses.
Industrial robots and automation tools have been present in warehouses for years. However, recent innovations in technology have led to the emergence of “smarter”, more connected solutions. New generations of robots and automated vehicles are enhancing a variety of tasks; from finding and picking up products, packaging them into cases before loading them into trucks. Sensors are preventing collisions and specialized logistics software determines the most optimal route and closest supply which results in improved efficiency, reliability, and speed.

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