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Sustainable Equities Green Planet

Environmental degradation is an existential threat to our planet. Since the 1970s, our ecological footprint has exceeded the Earth’s rate of regeneration. To get our planet back on track and overcome today’s ecological challenges, we must focus on a wide range of innovative, resource-efficient and competitive solutions. To this end, we have decided to evolve our successful Water strategy to address a wider range of environmental themes and thereby capture the full power of the green revolution.
“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” Sir David Attenborough

Our Strategy

Our distinctive strategy aims to generate attractive long-term returns while contributing to a better, greener planet.
As a result, we seek investment opportunities globally by targeting businesses that provide solutions to major environmental challenges facing our planet today. It targets pure-players and early stage businesses focused on improving water, soil and air quality, preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change, by concentrating on the four key investment themes:
  • Ecosystem Protection (e.g. water technologies and pollution abatement technologies)
  • Resource Efficiency (e.g. manufacturing efficiency, circular economy)
  • New Energies (e.g. solar & wind value chain, clean energy operator)
  • Smart Mobility (e.g. hydrogen & e-vehicles, smart cities)

Our Investment Approach

Our investment process is underpinned by a specialized research-driven investment approach which results in a high conviction portfolio with a focus on pure-players and early-stage businesses bringing innovative solutions to environmental issues.
Our in-house sustainable investing expertise is an additional important element of our differentiated approach in the market. Integrating ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) into our investment process strengthens our analysis. It enables us to identify companies that are well-positioned to gain from long-term transformational trends and helps us gain confidence in our investment cases. In addition, particular attention will be placed on the Governance aspects as good governance is critical for small-& mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, we will continue to strengthen our analysis and relationship with investee companies by engaging on key issues related to the green transition and biodiversity.

Our Commitment

The evolution of the strategy is also a reflection of what J.Safra Sarasin stands for. After the strong commitment we made towards a carbon-neutral outcome by 2035, we continue to position ourselves as thought-leaders by having signed the biodiversity pledge in September 2020. As a signatory, we recognise the need to protect biodiversity and we are committed to engaging with companies on the topic. An important step in delivering on this commitment is to offer our investors an investment strategy that supports those efforts.

Our Team

The portfolio is managed by Daniel Lurch, an experienced investment professional. Daniel has experience as sell-side and buy-side financial analyst with a focus on cyclical companies.
The fund is an Article 9 fund under SFDR. Find out more.
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