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Sustainable Equities Climate 2035

The world only has a few years left until global warming hits 1.5°C. And if humankind wishes to limit the temperature rise to be in line with the goal set by the Paris Agreement, carbon emissions need to be drastically reduced across the globe and across industries.
In this inevitable transition to a low-carbon future, there will be many winners and losers.
As investors, it is crucial to ensure that our portfolios are “future-proof” – meaning they are able to not only withstand the impending changes that the energy transition will bring, but can also tap on the enormous return potential from investing in climate-related transformational trends. To this end, we have decided to evolve our successful Global Equities strategy to Global Climate 2035, in order to fully harness the power of the climate revolution.
"We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” - Barack Obama, Former US President

Our Strategy: a Global Solution for a Global Challenge

Our distinctive strategy aims to generate attractive long-term returns while harnessing opportunities and mitigating risks stemming from the climate transition.
To this end, the Fund invests globally in:
Overall, the portfolio aims for a trajectory below 2°C, a minimum of 20% of green revenues, and to avoid investments in stranded assets.

Our Investment Approach

Our investment process is underpinned by a specialized research-driven investment approach which results in a high conviction global equities portfolio with a tracking error between 3% and 8%.
Our sustainable investing expertise and proprietary Climate Engine are further elements of our differentiated approach. We have developed a proprietary framework with a forward-looking approach to project a company’s climate temperature scenario path and evaluate the revenue exposure to green solutions, in line with the EU taxonomy to strengthen our analysis. This combination enables us to identify companies that are best positioned to gain from long-term transformational trends and helps us gain confidence in our investment cases.

Our Commitment

The evolution of the strategy is a reflection of what JSS Sustainable Asset Management stands for. It is our fiduciary duty to ensure our portfolios are resilient in the face of the sweeping changes climate change is bringing. After signing the Paris Pledge for Action in 2015, we announced a Climate Pledge in 2020, with the aim of reducing the CO2 emissions embedded in our sustainably managed portfolios to net-zero by 2035. An important step in delivering on this commitment is to offer our investors a dedicated investment strategy that supports those efforts.

Our Team

The portfolio is managed by Andreas Nigg, CFA, Barbara Janosi and Frédéric Fayolle, CFA, three experienced investment professionals with in-depth sector expertise. Andreas has over 25 years of portfolio management experience. He is also responsible for the Core Equities Global and US team. Barbara has substantial experience as an equity research analyst, and Frédéric has industry experience in electronics in addition to his long-standing investment track record.
The fund is an Article 9 fund under SFDR. Find out more.
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