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Green Bonds

A fast-growing market with a promising future

“Green Bonds” have become increasingly popular over the past years and are becoming a well-established asset class. The investor community can now invest capital directly to support sustainable development projects. Green Bonds are one of the most popular forms of impact investing.
J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management has launched an investment strategy in order to allow investors to participate in the growth of this asset class and benefit from attractive returns whilst supporting the environment. The strategy invests in global Green Bonds, which are explicitly backed by projects that contribute to mitigating global climate change.
We integrate our in-house Sustainability Research in the investment process in order to ensure that all issuers follow ESG criteria on a firm-wide level. This distinct combination of Green Bonds and Sustainability assessments throughout the investment process, which only invests in bonds from issuers who are in line with sustainable development considerations helps to take into consideration concerns with regards to “greenwashing”.
“The emergence of green bonds represents one of the most significant developments in the financing of low-carbon, climate-resilient investment opportunities.”
– Climate Change Support Team of the UN Secretary General, 2015
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