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Sustainable Bonds Asia

An opportunity to gain credit exposure to one of the most dynamic regions of the world with exciting growth prospects

Asian corporate bonds are well established as an asset class that benefits from solid economic growth and investor demand.
Investors in our strategy benefit from:
  • Attractive portfolio yield that compares favorably to those from other regions
  • High credit quality and liquidity, as the strategy focuses on investment grade bonds
  • Great potential for diversification for the typical G-7-centric portfolio
  • Limited currency volatility as the strategy invests predominantly in US Dollars
The strategy is managed locally, i.e., from Singapore, by a seasoned and solid team of investment professionals with long experience and a proven track record, and is supported by our fixed income and research capabilities.
J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management has a long tradition as a fixed income investor. The Asian Bonds strategy combines long tradition, local presence and expertise with modern portfolio management tools and disciplined risk management.
“Asia is in the middle of a historic transformation. If it continues to follow its recent trajectory, by 2050 its per capita income could rise sixfold in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms to reach Europe’s levels today.”
- Asia 2050: Realizing the Asian Century; Asian Development Bank
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