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Biodiversity as a Vital Component in ESG Analysis

24th March 2021   The cyclical upswing we are currently in is creating additional demand for commodities and is also pushing up oil prices and oil stocks.

Biodiversity and its Materiality for Investors

29th March 2021   Biodiversity loss is among the top global risks to society according to the World Economic Forum. In what scientists call the Anthropocene – the age of mankind – the planet is facing its sixth mass extinction, this time caused by humans.

Sustainable Funds Comply with SFDR Disclosures

9th April 2021   We are pleased to announce all our EU sustainable funds are qualified under Article 8 of SFDR.

Higher Volatility Ahead for Fixed Income

8th April 2021   The expected improvement in global growth will intensify the debate about the timeline for the removal of monetary accommodation in the Developed Markets’ (DM) rate space.

On the cusp to normalisation

16th April 2021   The slow vaccination rollout in the EU continues to weigh on the region’s economic outlook. This should change in the months ahead.