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Equity Investing and Natural Capital

12th May 2021   A large share of the world economy relies on natural capital. Since 1970, our ecological footprint has exceeded the Earth’s rate of regeneration. We look at the related risks and opportunities for equity investors.

Peak Growth

12th May 2021   With the imminent transition from the economic acceleration phase to a moderation phase, the outlook for financial markets remains fundamentally positive.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Battle Over Tech Supremacy

27th April 2021   The semiconductor equipment sector, which produces highly complex machines needed to manufacture chips, has found itself in the centre of a brewing political storm between the US and China.

Central Banks Starting to Cruise at Different Speeds

7th May 2021   Yesterday’s decision of the Bank of England to reduce its monthly purchase volume is a timely wake-up call that monetary policy is past its most expansionary period.